Homestay Melbourne

10429832_811515395535014_8791769012122185818_n                                                                                                           The world is a beautiful place to explore and you can never get tired of doing so. If you love travelling and visiting different places you should go on a single traveller trip. This is a great way to enjoy a different land all by yourself and also spend some time with yourself. As you would be travelling alone, you need to make some prior planning and preparation to ensure that you enjoy yourself. Accommodation is one of the major concerns and more so because you will be travelling alone. Following are some comfortable, economical and safe staying options you can consider over an expensive hotel room.                                                10436012_804327582920462_1291145264095746563_n

  • Homestay: You can find a lot of good Homestay Melbourne that are reasonable and provide homemade food. You can search through various travel portals and find out some good recommendations. You can stay in homestays for just a few days or weeks together. It is recommended to book a room here before you travel.
  • Dormitories: You will find rooms available in private dormitories and the ones owned by universities which are open for travellers. The rooms in such cheap stay Melbourne are priced less and also have many food outlets nearby which makes it easy for you to grab a mean whenever you want. You cannot expect posh interiors or facilities in a hotel but you will have basic furniture and neat rooms.                                                 10441153_814682288551658_572946939725176238_n
  • Hostels: Similar to dormitories are hostels that open their doors for students, lone travellers and even group of travellers. You can book rooms here on sharing basis or all for yourself. You will enjoy the calm atmosphere of the place and privacy without having to spend a lot. If you are not too particular about food, you can have meals at canteens and save some money as well. This is a good place to get to know the local people, their tastes, discover local markets and culture.                                                                   10635831_847356371950916_7123292315556604586_n
  • Rooming house: Many agencies like Homestay Australia provide Homestay Melbourne which are basically rooming houses. These provide rooms for individual guests who can enjoy privacy and comfortable stay at a much lesser cost. Quality bedding, neat room, wifi network and even a well equipped kitchen is provided so that travellers can cook some delicious meals for themselves.
  • Religious stay: One of the cheap stay Melbourne is staying at a religious facility like convents or monasteries. They always have some rooms available for lone travellers who are seeking cheap stay. The charges per night will be very minimal or they might let you stay for free with just a request for some donation. You can even opt to dine with them.                                                                                                                                                     10703578_862215553798331_7006220483153835667_n

So for your next single tour do not spend a lot of money on booking rooms at hotels. Instead discover these options and enjoy the journey in a special way.


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